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FilterBounce Registration check

Registration Check

Filter Bounce comes with a fast email check API. Use it to detect spammers from signing on your website.

Whether you are running a giveaway, a lead gen or using a lead magnet. Let's check the email your lead entered before you send them an email.

Zero Email Bounce

Email Bounces are your worst nightmare. A bounce rate of more than 2% can turn your super email delivery to a flop one.

Whether you are using a subscribed list, or a cold email one. Let's Klean your list before you email them.

FilterBounce Zero Email Bounce

Most Asked Questions

What is Filter Bounce?

Filter Bounce is an Email Verification service to clean up your email list.

Can Filter Bounce reduce my bounce rate?

Absolutely! We have both realtime API email verification system, as well as bulk email verification process.

We guarantee the email we mark "Safe" will not bounce.

Does Filter Bounce comes with API?

Of course, Filter Bounce has an api, that can help you detect user registration in realtime.

Can I use Filter Bounce as part of my website's sign up process?

Yes, our fast check api is built exactly for that.

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